NuviaGo is an excellent protein bar that will help you effectively build muscle mass or lose weight!

Lots of people who train at the gym and lead a hygienic lifestyle often cannot resist the temptation to eat something sweet. And yet sweets are not an option if you plan to increase muscle mass or lose weight! Fortunately, there are quite a few protein bars on the market that are a great addition to your diet. It is also allowed to eat them while on a diet as well as when we intend to increase the muscles. Bars give a large amount of protein while lowering the carbohydrate content, thanks to which they enable muscle shaping as well as fat burning. In addition, they are delicious and extremely soothe the desire for a treat. One of the famous bars is NuviaGo.

NuviaGo is a protein bar that is distinguished by the appropriate composition and refined taste. It was made with the needs of active people in mind and is a unique substitute for sweets. The amount of carbohydrates in the bar was significantly limited, while only natural sugars, which are introduced in the ingredients, were left. The product is low in calories and works perfectly in a slimming diet. Its feature is guaranteed that it has a large amount of protein in its own composition, which is mandatory to build muscle mass. One bar contains 20g of protein, making it an excellent snack after exercise. It is systematically used as an alternative to protein supplements. However, you do not need to prepare it, just put it in your bag and take it with you. The bar is additionally characterized by a delicious cookie and cream flavor and is covered with milk chocolate.
The bar has a great composition, contains healthy elements and uses a small dose of sugar, so that even if you cost it many times it does not have a bad effect on the body. One bar has 172 kcl, making it a great snack even for people who are planning to lose weight. The bar contains a valuable mixture of proteins and fiber, which is indicated for the proper functioning of the digestive system and supports metabolism. You also need MCT fat to finance the weight loss mechanism. The bar is an excellent source of energy, thanks to which it will be easy to lose excessive kilograms. It can easily be an addition to the diet and does not accumulate as fatty tissue in the hips and abdomen. Thanks to the bar, you can get the right figure without giving up sweet snacks. Any active person can easily reach for the bar, as well as those who are looking for a good substitute for sweets or simply want nutritional protein in their own diet. It will be suitable for people who need to increase their muscle mass due to the high protein content. Protein is not only a building block of muscles, but also supports their reconstruction. Regeneration is needed after strenuous exercise. The protein contained in the bar contributes to the enlargement of muscles and obtaining greater effects. It is a great addition to the diet. You can eat it either before training to have a lot of strength, or after exercise to replenish the protein in the body. The bar will also work in a reduction diet, it will wonderfully complement it as a valuable snack during the day. Thanks to the huge dose of protein, people who are slimming do not get rid of muscle tissue from the body, but only fat tissue. It is not uncommon that people who want to lose weight lose not only fat, but also muscles, which makes the skin lose its own elasticity and the figure looks bad. Due to the fact that the body will obtain the right amount of protein, the volume of muscle tissue will not decrease, but the fat itself will burn. The bar enjoys positive opinions and is often recommended by professionals and recipients.


A lot of people either lose weight or build their muscle mass. However, in both of these facts, the diet is extremely important, as well as the valuable ingredients that should be given to the body for it to function properly. Many people during the weight loss process cannot cope with the lack of sweets, it is not easy to transform habits overnight, while people who care about the increase in their own muscle mass do not always have the protein supplement, which is necessary after a sharp training, with them. In both of these cases, I suggest using the NuviaGo bar, which is an excellent replacement for both sweets and protein supplement. The product has in its own composition elements such as fiber, protein or MCT fats, and most importantly, it contains only 172 kcl, thanks to which it can be a healthy meal. I regularly recommend eating it before training to build up your strength and energy reserves, or after training so that your muscles can regenerate easily. The fats present in the bar, on the other hand, perfectly match and intensify fat burning. In addition, when we do not have time to eat a healthy breakfast, just eat a bar, thanks to which you will gain strength for a great start to the day. It is worth having it always with you in case you need an injection of energy, or you will feel like something delicious. The protein bar is an amazing protein snack, it has no unhealthy and artificial ingredients and is low in calories. I argue that the bar is a quick snack, has a huge amount of protein, helps build muscle mass, and also replaces sweets. I recommend!

Customers opinion:

I usually eat NuviaGo bar after intense exercise, in order to give my body the right amount of protein, it is an alternative protein supplement for me! All I have to do is put the bar in a training bag and that’s it! Besides, the bar is extremely delicious! I recommend!

I love sweets! I could not imagine that while losing weight, I would need to discard it from my life. Fortunately, it turned out that if I feel like eating sweet, I can eat a NuviaGo bar! It is extremely valuable and tasty, and most importantly it has only 172 kcl! With the option of eating a bar, the path to a slim figure will be incredibly easier! I recommend!

I find that the NuviaGo bar is an optimal addition to the diet, not only is it delicious in taste, but most of all it has important ingredients in its own composition that perfectly affect my body. It gives me energy for the whole day and is extremely valuable. When I don’t have time to eat breakfast, I reach for a bar that I always have at hand! I recommend!

I have been eating NuviaGo bars for a long time. They have a great composition and are perfect as a pre-workout meal, because they are a source of energy and I have a lot of strength for exercise, and also a meal after exercise, because they have an amazing dose of protein, thanks to which my muscles can easily regenerate during training. Besides, I like them and they are healthy. I recommend!


Protein – the bar contains soy protein, milk and eggs; its purpose is to support the fat burning process, as well as to effectively renew muscles after exercise
Carbohydrates – a source of energy
MCT fats – increase energy, are quickly absorbed, stimulate the fat burning process
Fiber – supports the digestive system, improves the absorption of other ingredients, helps control weight

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